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Skater Standards

The Black River Rollers, LLC  (BRR) have established standards regarding the expected behavior of all skaters. These standards are based on a set of core values including: respect, honesty, communication, objectivity, trust, fairness, integrity, and community. These standards encompass the following areas of behavior:



As an organization we value:










Code of Conduct

As members of the Black River Rollers, we will...

● Conduct ourselves in a manner that is respectful of other skaters and the general public.

● Communicate clearly, regularly, and honestly with each other

● Know and act consistent with all BRR policies, rules, and regulations

● Exercise honesty and objectivity in the performance of our duties and responsibilities


Code of Ethics

As members of the Black River Rollers, we will

● Exhibit pride and loyalty in all matters pertaining to the BRR and each other.

● Not do anything that may be in conflict with the interests of the BRR or that would impair

our ability to obtain BRR missions and goals.

● Maintain high standards of competence, dignity, and fairness.


Leadership Principles

As leaders we will...

● Value skaters as the most important resource to the BRR

● Foster open and effective communication

● Encourage creative and innovating thinking

● Strive to develop respect, trust, honesty and integrity with all skaters

● Inspire and ensure cooperation and teamwork

● Help to develop skaters through training, coaching, and communication, complemented by

positive reinforcement and recognition

● Encourage skill development for all skaters as an investment in the future of the BRR and

to enhance personal growth

● Clearly define organizational systems and operations and the skaters' roles and

responsibilities within the organization






?About Us?

We are who we are......

What is Black River Roller Derby?

*Watertown's First and ONLY all female flat-track roller derby league.




Do you have a team?

We currently have one team!!

Where do you practice?

We currently practice at the Ag building across from the arena.

What is the required gear to play Roller Derby?

**We use the minimum guidelines provided by WFTDA for playing Roller Derby. The gear consists of a helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. Also included with the gear are Quad skates. Can't play Roller Derby without those.

Do I have to pay to play?

**We are a self run organization, all skaters pay a monthly membership due. 

Can I come to a practice and watch, before making the decision to join?

Yup, please email to get more information

When is your next game?

Check out our website for updated bouting schedules!

What are the rules? has all the information you could ever want.

I don't want to skate, what else can I do?

We are going to need volunteers, medics, security, jeerleaders and much more in the near future. If you are interested in helping out in a supportive manner, please send an email to




Snail Mail

P.O. Box 93

Watertown, NY 13601